How long does it take for vehicle pick up?

For metropolitan and major cities it depends on a carrier how fast it can reach. A usual pick up time could be somewhere between 1-7 days. If you live in remote areas, the chances are higher that the carrier will reach you late.

How long does it take for vehicle delivery?

You need to be stress free once your car is loaded as it will be delivered anytime sooner with respect to distance. A one day movement covers almost 500 miles. So it’s easy to calculate delivery time through the miles to be covered to reach your delivery point.

How and When to pay?

There are two steps in payment. Once you need to deposit some amount at the time carrier loads your vehicle. The final delivery is only released when your car is delivered. At the time you book a quote your credit card details are taken by the company. They will only deduct the amount they have shown for advance or deposit. The full payment will only be deducted once we fully serve you.